Advice on how to live well

Treat your body well, overcome your pains and stresses, relax, and be healthy.
__________________________________________________Henrik Seyffarth
The extension of shortened muscles must take priority over the strengthening of weak muscles, because weak muscles will automatically improve as the shortened ones are extended.
__________________________________________________V. Janda
Manual therapy must be complemented with drugs (painkillers and antiphlogistics), physiotherapy treatment of the joints.
__________________________________________________H. D. Neumann
People are as young as their joints.
__________________________________________________Horst Cotta
Swimming can be considered as the ideal treatment for all kinds of locomotor disorders that involve degeneration. Backstroke is most recommended.
__________________________________________________Jürgen Fischer
Water is the oldest, the cheapest, the most certain and the healthiest tool for recovery and rejuvenation.
__________________________________________________ Sebastian Kneipp
Making people eat consciously. The best is a purely vegetarian regime, or one that is complemented with low-fat dairy products.
__________________________________________________ S. Kneipp
Health, power, youth – hatha yoga delivers these three earthly treasures, by using the ancient Hindu exercises and breathing control.
_______________________________________Selvarajan Yesudian